The Little Lion Down South

serving neon-colored straws in their iced lattes and a full brunch menu on the weekends, little lion can be discovered on a humble, neighborly street in point luma.

my older brother, who recently moved to the cliffside bluffs, had already caught wind to the fact that this tiny cafe has earned 41/2 stars on yelp—impressive for having a pulse just over a year.

if you happen to be heading north towards downtown ocean beach, look for the turquoise wave hugging the corner of the restaurant…a mural left intact from the building’s predecessor (smoothie and sandwich shop). small yet welcoming—or should i say, ferocious yet gentle—little lion is befitting of its namesake. i do my best to seek out the ‘locals only’ watering holes when traveling, but it’s always nice to experience places that feel as if they could be around the corner from my own home. i’ll be sure to stop by for a proper meal on my next visit down south. until then, you’ll have to see for yourself what all the buzz is about.