friends new and old, it’s been a long hibernation. sometimes you just need to take time off to rest the mind, consider your priorities, and wake the creative beast that compelled you to purchase a domain name in the first place.

after accepting a job with a major toy company, i began to re-evaluate what in life made me feel most fulfilled. instead of pursuing a professional beach volleyball career, which felt more and more like an expensive hobby that added stress, what if i focused my energy on pursuing a professional writing career? i took a step back not from the sand but from the constant, self-inflicted nagging to find a partner, schedule training, and strategize ways to pay for and travel to tournaments.

this departure from volleyball lead to a realization: i feel whole without the game. as an athlete, any form of “retirement” from one’s sport can be a painful process—at the very least, a deeply reflective experience. for me, it was all about allowing myself to test the waters. i no longer feel guilty for taking consecutive days off nor do i feel as if i am missing out when a tournament rolls into town. hallelujah, next round’s on me.

all i could do now was think about sandinmysuit and how i wanted to resurrect it. i hired a stellar web developer/designer to do all the behind-the-scenes coding and visual layout and even convinced a friend to snap a few (hundred) photographs in my humble home office. with those aspects of the site in good hands, i was able to focus on what I do best: write.