Sand In My Suit  started as a place where i chronicled my experience pursuing a career in professional beach volleyball. you might say that a hazard of the job was taking a bit of the beach with me everywhere i went. discovering sand in the most unlikely of places was an endearing reminder of my time spent outdoors, in the ocean, under the sun, pedaling my bicycle…you get the idea. although my focus has since shifted away from volleyball, i am still deeply rooted in the lifestyle i discovered when “business suit” meant “bathing suit”. may my sporadic musings and observations put a smile on your face.


My Baby Boy Turns 1! Happy Birthday!


Boy do they grow up fast. This week, my little red car, TJ, turned one (in LA years). If you’re unfamiliar with my transportation past, I moved to this city in 2010 without a car, surviving (and thriving) on two wheels for five years. It wasn’t until I accepted a new job that I made…

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7 Reasons Why You Can Stop Comparing Me To Carrie Bradshaw


Fictional she may be, Carrie Bradshaw of the retired HBO sitcom Sex and the City is still a wildly entertaining character to be compared to. There’s the obvious reasons (we both write for a living, adore coffee and live independently) and the not-so-obvious reasons (opening up a book just to smell it, wearing glorified pajamas…

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The Little Lion Down South


serving neon-colored straws in their iced lattes and a full brunch menu on the weekends, little lion can be discovered on a humble, neighborly street in point luma. my older brother, who recently moved to the cliffside bluffs, had already caught wind to the fact that this tiny cafe has earned 41/2 stars on yelp—impressive for…

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green screen youtube

earlier this week, my good friend and i had the opportunity to tour every inch of YouTube SpaceLA, the video site’s filmmaking studio offering everything from sound stages to camera equipment to its devoted creators—for FREE. the catch? your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers. that’s a pretty sweet deal to a kid with…

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SDSC North Italia

i realize that we are drawing the curtain on just the second month of the new year, but i already love how out of all the evenings and meals spent in the company of friends, one night always stands out from the rest. february’s SDSC was held at north italia, an ‘italian farmhouse’ located in…

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There’s A Difference Between Diamonds and Eggs

lightning running club

words are slippery little suckers. that’s probably what julia roberts meant to say in pretty women. sometimes words slowdance on the tip of your tongue. sometimes they throw a tantrum in your throat and escape with a bang. and once in awhile they just, well…slip out. if you don’t believe me, consider this little story…

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comic board

last week, i returned to four daughters kitchen in manhattan beach to say bye bye, santa shark; hello, fresh chalk. for this latest concept, i knew i wanted to steer clear from the color red and head towards a variety of bold, punchy colors, such as a neon orange or a raspberry pink (one of my favorite hues in a box of…

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For Our Inaugural Night, We Walked Into A-Frame


aloha. to kick off our inaugural SDSC, to which i introduce on my blog here, i decided to lure my friends to a hawaiian-inspired outpost in what used to be a pancake-flipping IHOP. located not too far from the bubble on washington in culver city, A-Frame is the brainchild of none other than roy-choi: godfather…

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MEET THE SDSC: Super Duper Supper Club.


i can take no credit for the company of males who make up the super duper supper club. caring, candid, and carnivorous, these three close friends have taken it upon themselves to meet every month at a new location in the name of good food and even better company. as a friend of the tribe,…

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beast has awoken

friends new and old, it’s been a long hibernation. sometimes you just need to take time off to rest the mind, consider your priorities, and wake the creative beast that compelled you to purchase a domain name in the first place. after accepting a job with a major toy company, i began to re-evaluate what…

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