MEET THE SDSC: Super Duper Supper Club.

i can take no credit for the company of males who make up the super duper supper club. caring, candid, and carnivorous, these three close friends have taken it upon themselves to meet every month at a new location in the name of good food and even better company.

as a friend of the tribe, i became wise to the SDSC and its unwritten rules in the spring of 2015. i learned that first and foremost, this was a “boys only” club. fair enough. the decision of where and when to eat each month rotated between all three members, as did the privilege of who to invite as the fourth dinner guest.  bonus points for selecting an individual who wasn’t necessarily in the same social circle and for choosing a restaurant that was “outside the bubble”. it should be noted that donnie downers are simply not tolerated and can result in revoked privileges on behalf of the member doing the inviting.

now, despite the most granddaddy of cocktails, there’s no guarantee against feelings of discomfort once the check arrives. this is why the SDSC agrees to split the bill four ways. always. on day 5 of a juice cleanse? put your card on the table just like everyone else. this uncomplicated rule takes all the guesswork (and nausea) out of adding up everyone’s share at the end of the meal. best of all, since each diner is aware of this arrangement going in, they’re generally more relaxed and focused on having a memorable time—which is the whole point of the evening anyway.

another focal point of the SDSC? being present. all the more reason to love the following principle: no phones at the table. makes my heart sing.

alas, i was still a woman when summertime rolled around, and thus only involved in the pre-meal and post-meal remarks. but then, something unprecedented happened. i had a message in my inbox from one of the founding members…my presence was requested at the next SDSC…they were breaking their golden rule of male extremities for me! i rolled into casablanca on lincoln and rose wearing a vibrant poncho and a wide grin. the guacamole was fresh, the hand-made tortillas were addicting, and the margaritas kept on coming.

it was good times all-around as the first-ever female guest of the SDSC, but i quickly realized that it was not enough. i wanted my own tribe. i wanted a once-a-month tribute to experiencing amazing food at novel locations with close friends, and the chance to make a new friend as well. so i’m starting my own supper club—the female chapter—and it’s going to be as super duper as its male counterpart.  

i look forward to sharing the details with you each month!