Me + Sidewalk Chalk

I have been the resident chalk artist for Four Daughters Kitchen since 2013, a role that has resulted in unbelievable fame and fortune. It’s amazing that I’ve managed to remain so humble and centered. And by “fame and fortune” I mean comped el porto scrambles, reserved seating, and a pretty entertaining way to start a convo.

Growing up on a cul-de-sac, in the very last house on the curve, gave me the kind of creative freedom that other kids could only dream of. My chalk shenanigans extended past our driveway, beyond the sidewalk, and well into the belly of our quiet street.

My absolute favorite game was tag, only I played it a little differently. With chalk in hand, I would draw an elaborate course: lanes that turned left and swirled right, spontaneous stretches of hopscotch, and surprise dead-ends. I even added special teleport stations where you could “teleport” from one end of the course to a more desirable location (away from the “it” person).

If you were watching this scene unfold from a house, you would likely think a bunch of kids were running haphazardly to and fro, desiring so badly to play Tag but not knowing how. A closer look, however, would reveal the intricate system of pathways and bridges that I drew up…where else could you be literally facing your opponent and still not be in harm’s way? Perhaps one day I’ll show my niece and nephew how their aunt perfected the game of Chalk Tag.

From cul-de-sac to beachtown restaurant, the chalking continues. I’m currently brainstorming ideas for the next big reveal—my comeback piece—which I always try to differentiate in style from the most recent. Since the last piece was all about superhero jargon and bold, primary colors, you can expect this latest installment to deliver a sufficient dose of femininity, and perhaps embrace the quintessential signs of summer.

Chalk on, kids (and kids at heart).