earlier this week, my good friend and i had the opportunity to tour every inch of YouTube SpaceLA, the video site’s filmmaking studio offering everything from sound stages to camera equipment to its devoted creators—for FREE. the catch? your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers. that’s a pretty sweet deal to a kid with a camera. my experience exploring the campus really provoked me to think about the possibilities…what if sandinmysuit went 3D?

to tell you the truth, visual storytelling was the primary way (after sidewalk chalk, of course) that i expressed myself creatively as an adolescent. my middle-school friends and i would film SNL-esque commercials and skits to entertain ourselves. i can only imagine what would’ve happened if YouTube had been invented in the 90’s.

green screen 2being in front of the camera gave me the confidence to pursue a co-anchor position for my high school media class. every friday between third and fourth period, there i was in the corner of every classroom, reciting the “hard-core” news to my peers. i distinctly remember not wanting to report that our theater program was selling tickets to their latest show, “Vagina Monologues”. i cannot say ‘vagina’ in front of all my classmates. since i wrote the scripts, i made sure to defer that segment to my partner. crisis averted.

looking back, i regret not taking advantage of all the resources we had in that elective film class. if only i had cared a little more about computers and a little less about sports, who knows what kind of editing and production skills i could’ve acquired…all the more reason to get back in the game.