last week, i returned to four daughters kitchen in manhattan beach to say bye bye, santa shark; hello, fresh chalk. for this latest concept, i knew i wanted to steer clear from the color red and head towards a variety of bold, punchy colors, such as a neon orange or a raspberry pink (one of my favorite hues in a box of crayola sidewalk chalk). but my theme wasn’t going to be just about color…i wanted something invigorating and playful. i wanted this new board to scream energy.


a few days prior, i was talking to some friends about popular comic strips growing up. a few of us agreed that ‘calvin & hobbes’ was the chocolate milk to our morning bowls of cereal. this got me contemplating about the style of comic strips themselves—thought bubbles, bold fonts, jagged edges. for me, it’s difficult to think about comics without also thinking about superheroes. so what if i combined the two? POW! and ZAP! became BEER! and HAPPY HOUR! add a dash of lightning bolts and stars and we have ourselves a bold, bright new chalkboard!


i invite you to visit four daughters kitchen to experience the scene (and the breakfast scrambles) for yourself.