First Impressions: The Manhattan Beach Towers, WeWork’s newest outpost in L.A.

I just got finished touring WeWork Manhattan Beach Towers, the start-up company’s newest L.A. outpost nestled in an office complex by the Manhattan Beach Village Mall and cushy Manhattan Beach Country Club. Set to open on January 1st, the three levels of coworking space and private offices is currently graced by sheets of drywall, tile samples, and construction workers in hard hats. It helps to have an imagination. Yes, I currently pay monthly for a dedicated desk at the WeWork in Playa Vista, but I’m keeping my options open. Switching locales would cut my commute in half, saving gas and most importantly, time—the greatest commodity known to man.

In addition to amenities available in all locations, like super-fast internet, networking events, and private phone booths, this particular site offers a few perks that my current arrangement does not. Access to a ground level gym with shower is provided for a very affordable price of $20 a month. Joining the expected (and celebrated) beer and coffee that’s on tap 24/7 will be a shiny espresso machine—currently a caffeine comfort only enjoyed by New York City dwellers. They also have a small fleet of about 5 snazzy Public bicycles that members can borrow for a few hours—perhaps to mosey on over to The Point for lunch, even though this shopping plaza is only a 5-minute walk away. Bike storage? You can check that off the list, too. Surfboard storage? That is left to be determined.

A view of a typical hallway at WeWork.

A view of a typical hallway and corner office at WeWork.

There is, however, one detail threatening to crush my hopes of entering into a committed relationship with WeWork: the Manhattan Beach location may not offer ‘dedicated desks’, which, if you’re unfamiliar, are more individualized spaces where you can set up shop and leave your belongings overnight. Oh, the humanity! It’s bad enough that California is going through a major avocado shortage, but now I’m realizing that I could be facing a shortage in coworking spaces geared towards individual freelancers like myself. Is this a consequence of the demand side or the supply side? You’ll have to find somebody more qualified to answer that question, but for the time being, my fingers are crossed that the company will decide to make this offering available.  

As I continue to weigh the options between A) staying put in Playa B) moving to Manhattan Beach C) reverting back to the ol’ coffee shop rotation D) ponying up for a shared office or E) is there another attractive option out there? I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop if any new information comes to light. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any burning questions about life at WeWork.