The Super Duper Supper Club Treks To Hollywood

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After craving Mediterranean food for the better part of 2016, I decided to finally do something about it. Some intense IFS (Internet Foodie Searching) led me to a place called Cleo Hollywood whose menu matched my nagging cravings: hummus, harissa, yogurt, lamb, mint, chickpeas, bring it. I made up my mind right then and there…

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SDSC North Italia

i realize that we are drawing the curtain on just the second month of the new year, but i already love how out of all the evenings and meals spent in the company of friends, one night always stands out from the rest. february’s SDSC was held at north italia, an ‘italian farmhouse’ located in…

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For Our Inaugural Night, We Walked Into A-Frame


aloha. to kick off our inaugural SDSC, to which i introduce on my blog here, i decided to lure my friends to a hawaiian-inspired outpost in what used to be a pancake-flipping IHOP. located not too far from the bubble on washington in culver city, A-Frame is the brainchild of none other than roy-choi: godfather…

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MEET THE SDSC: Super Duper Supper Club.


i can take no credit for the company of males who make up the super duper supper club. caring, candid, and carnivorous, these three close friends have taken it upon themselves to meet every month at a new location in the name of good food and even better company. as a friend of the tribe,…

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