There’s A New Sheriff In Town


While driving back from a boxing class in Torrance, I glanced out my window just in time to see the word “roastery” plastered on the corner of PCH and Carnelian. Even though Wimbledon was waiting for me back at home, I couldn’t fight the urge to pull over and investigate this place which, as it…

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MY 90254

SIMS my 90254

So my first day back from a trip is always a little, shall we say, disorienting for me. Not exactly jet lag…more rooted in nostalgia. I lament the place I just was and find myself asking how I got to the place I am now. I know that I went to the airport and boarded…

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Currently passing through Richmond, Virginia, and it’s taking all of my strength not to hop off 79 Carolinian prematurely to ride the rails. I’m leaving behind the rich political landscape of Washington D.C.—not to mention, the best milkshake I’ve ever laid my hungover eyes on—for miles and miles of countryside enduring the growing pains of Spring. As…

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The Little Lion Down South


serving neon-colored straws in their iced lattes and a full brunch menu on the weekends, little lion can be discovered on a humble, neighborly street in point luma. my older brother, who recently moved to the cliffside bluffs, had already caught wind to the fact that this tiny cafe has earned 41/2 stars on yelp—impressive for…

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green screen youtube

earlier this week, my good friend and i had the opportunity to tour every inch of YouTube SpaceLA, the video site’s filmmaking studio offering everything from sound stages to camera equipment to its devoted creators—for FREE. the catch? your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers. that’s a pretty sweet deal to a kid with…

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beast has awoken

friends new and old, it’s been a long hibernation. sometimes you just need to take time off to rest the mind, consider your priorities, and wake the creative beast that compelled you to purchase a domain name in the first place. after accepting a job with a major toy company, i began to re-evaluate what…

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