First Impressions: The Manhattan Beach Towers, WeWork’s newest outpost in L.A.


I just got finished touring WeWork Manhattan Beach Towers, the start-up company’s newest L.A. outpost nestled in an office complex by the Manhattan Beach Village Mall and cushy Manhattan Beach Country Club. Set to open on January 1st, the three levels of coworking space and private offices is currently graced by sheets of drywall, tile samples,…

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There’s A New Sheriff In Town


While driving back from a boxing class in Torrance, I glanced out my window just in time to see the word “roastery” plastered on the corner of PCH and Carnelian. Even though Wimbledon was waiting for me back at home, I couldn’t fight the urge to pull over and investigate this place which, as it…

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The Super Duper Supper Club Treks To Hollywood

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.55.43 AM

After craving Mediterranean food for the better part of 2016, I decided to finally do something about it. Some intense IFS (Internet Foodie Searching) led me to a place called Cleo Hollywood whose menu matched my nagging cravings: hummus, harissa, yogurt, lamb, mint, chickpeas, bring it. I made up my mind right then and there…

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Have you ever encountered a book that you couldn’t pick back up? Yes, you heard me right. I happen to have fallen in love with a novel so much that I can’t get past page 72… I have renewed this title not once, not twice, but three times from the Manhattan Beach Public Library (sorry to…

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Me + Sidewalk Chalk


I have been the resident chalk artist for Four Daughters Kitchen since 2013, a role that has resulted in unbelievable fame and fortune. It’s amazing that I’ve managed to remain so humble and centered. And by “fame and fortune” I mean comped el porto scrambles, reserved seating, and a pretty entertaining way to start a…

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MY 90254

SIMS my 90254

So my first day back from a trip is always a little, shall we say, disorienting for me. Not exactly jet lag…more rooted in nostalgia. I lament the place I just was and find myself asking how I got to the place I am now. I know that I went to the airport and boarded…

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Currently passing through Richmond, Virginia, and it’s taking all of my strength not to hop off 79 Carolinian prematurely to ride the rails. I’m leaving behind the rich political landscape of Washington D.C.—not to mention, the best milkshake I’ve ever laid my hungover eyes on—for miles and miles of countryside enduring the growing pains of Spring. As…

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The Last Thing I Ordered On Amazon


Boxing gloves. 14 ounces. Breathable, beautiful, and classically-black. Did I mention that I’ve been throwing punches at my local UFC Gym? Not only that, but I’ve actually become a member—a fact that still surprises me considering my “free agent” status for the past six years. I gotta tell you, these classes…they’re invigorating—no, euphoric, to steal…

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