About Me

avocado toast slayer, travel magazine hoarder, cornhole challenger…but enough about the important stuff.

i love the process of circling an idea, place, or object to uncover it’s beauty and purpose. like how slab, walls, and paint come together to create the perfect haven for a family of four. or why a plastic doll and her cotton candy cart should play a role in a child’s imagination (a sentiment that stems from my many seasons writing about toys for Mattel, Inc.).

truthfully, i’ve always preferred working with letters over numbers. how is it that the same 26 symbols, when rearranged, can compel us to take an infinite number of actions, to feel an infinite number of emotions?

when it comes to my personal life, i choose the beach over the city and root for my hometown Giants in lieu of a Dodger Dog (no hard feelings, LA!).

when it comes to my work, i’m a pro at transforming the corner coffee shop into my own private, corner office—yet i also love collaborating alongside fellow creatives. i’ve been a “house whisperer” of sorts for nearly five years, visting and chronicling some of the most architecturaly significant and luxurious properties in and around los angeles. if i log too many hours without speaking to another human being, be that a family member or a barista, we’ve got problems.

storytelling is what makes my world go round. peanut m&m’s also do the trick.