7 Reasons Why You Can Stop Comparing Me To Carrie Bradshaw

Fictional she may be, Carrie Bradshaw of the retired HBO sitcom Sex and the City is still a wildly entertaining character to be compared to. There’s the obvious reasons (we both write for a living, adore coffee and live independently) and the not-so-obvious reasons (opening up a book just to smell it, wearing glorified pajamas while working from home).  


Upon closer examination, we couldn’t be more opposite. There’s Carrie, a big city fashionista who practically sleepwalks in stilettos and me, an athlete living in a beach town who is perfectly satisfied walking at sea level.

Alas, the differences that divide Carrie and myself are not bound to zip codes and heel heights—that much is true whether you’re comparing our professional or love lives. Without further adieu,

here are my top 7

 *  *  *

1. Carrie Bradshaw writes her column for The New York Star, and although I coincidentally began my own writing career (in 2011) with a newspaper column, Sand In My Suit, chronicling the lifestyles of professional beach volleyball players, I soon realized that waitressing and writing a bi-weekly column did not a career make.

  1. For the success of her column, Miss Bradshaw must peel back the layers of her personal love life (and that of her friends). I’m more likely to spill the beans on the latest restaurant to come to town.
  1. I’d argue that Carrie’s sense of adventure is solely through fashion—she can barely bring herself to explore the four remaining boroughs—whereas my personality feeds off of trying new things. Be it exploring a new fitness regime or foraging into nature, changing the scenery in my mind or in my world is my source of inspiration. She clearly can’t hack it when she visits Los Angeles in season three…hey Carrie? I’d he happy to show you the ropes on your next trip out west.
  1. Carrie Bradshaw has an on-again/off-again, tumultuous relationship with Mr. Big whereas I’m drama-free and looking forward to meeting Mr. Right.

“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”

  1. Fact: Miss Bradshaw brunches (yes, it’s now a verb) and socializes at some of Manhattan’s finest, all the while managing to afford all of her vices—cosmopolitans, Marlboro Lights, cab rides, designer labels—in addition to the cost of living. I have to be strategic and conscientious when it comes to managing my own money. It’s not until the very end of season 4 that she begins to freelance for VOGUE, negotiating a rate of $4 per word, yet she has no problem maxing out her credit card to scoop up a new pair of Manolos. Don’t get me wrong: I have negotiated my fair share of “landed a new gig” dresses and “I deserve this” cute tops, but I also earmark my money and know the difference between a “want” and a “need”.
  1. Carrie is a night owl, no doubt about it—a woman who can craft her column well into the wee hours of the night. I much prefer writing when the sun is on it’s way up, not down. I am at my most thoughtful, creative, and optimistic in the early (caffeine-fueled) hours of the day.

 7. I have never been broken up with on a Post-It. Not yet at least.