i’ve been writing about space cowboys, having multiple meals at whole foods, and battling poison oak. you’re probably more interested in the latter which, my friends, royally sucked. i would not wish the experience on any of you. especially consider the heat wave we just had. while everyone was out in the ocean, on the volleyball court, and strolling for evening shenanigans, i was at home with an ice pack on my neck, waiting for my “miracle cream” to arrive from amazon. the itching did not go away, and no matter how many articles of clothing and bedding i threw into the wash and dryer, the poison continued to use my skin as a canvas for its own twisted inkblot test. silver lining? i got to experience the “minute clinic” at CVS. following a 15 minute consultation with my (ahem) doctor and a $100 charge to my debit card, a wave of relief washed over me in the form of a prescribed creme and benedryl. who needs obamacare when you have this!?

the whole ordeal has raised my wilderness defenses and sparked a newfound interest in horticulture. but enough about that—i am almost completely healed and back in skirts. thank god.


the inaugural bus stop.

i don’t particularly like bus stops. everyone and their mom stealing a glance in your direction as they race past you, no doubt making their quick three second snap judgements—shoes, hair, jacket—she does’t look like she belongs on the bus. or yeah, that girl is definitely bus material.

i look down at all the gum ghosts littering the space around me, such a pleasant sight that i imagine plagues every bus stop in the world (except in singapore). they tell stories of past passengers, time spent waiting idylly for buses (and missing them).

i definitely thought that i was going to be in the latter category of travelers this morning, doomed to miss my first ever los angeles bus. three minutes had past from the expected arrival time…perhaps i had read the schedule wrong? this wouldn’t surprise me.

to this day, i still need the guidance of my sister when i am forced to take public transportation to greet her in san francisco. always a panicky adventure. can you really blame me though? i’m only taking mass transit in cities that i visit—which sounds a little counterintuitive—by always being the sporadic visitor, you lack the practice and perseverance to really nail the system down.

and now we come back to the present, my bus, line 232 northbound, which i thought i had missed entirely until something big rolled up four minutes past its scheduled time.

don’t laugh, but my heartbeat quickened as the front of the bus made a screeching halt on pch. i wasn’t traveling alone, you see…miles was coming along for the ride, and i had never navigated the “bring your bike on the bus” territory before. after unsuccessfully mounting my bike in the wrong direction, the bus driver and i used sign-language through the giant front window for a bit before miles was securely fastened. phew. that wasn’t as bad as i had anticipated.

finally on the bus, i closed my eyes and felt as if i could’ve been on the “L”, a new york subway, or the london tube. as i say this, seasoned travelers roll their eyes, explaining that there are distinct smells, grunts, dips, and turns that distinguish one from all the rest. but i have only just taken my first bus on the streets of l.a.

stay tuned for more of my l.a. bus adventures. 

{ chalking }

the arrival of spring is inching closer, meaning it was time to give the chalk wall at formu+la pilates & juice bar a fresh new look.

this art was inspired by my recent visit to smogshoppe in culver city, an event space and showroom, where i interviewed an expert in vertical gardens and living walls for a magazine story. the natural beauty really struck a chord with me, so i wanted to create my own, sans soil. 

our weekend

wow. what can i say? what a weekend we had. 

i titled this post ‘our weekend’ because it truly was a collective affair. you could feel the energy build around you. saturday + sunday felt like a summer weekend but so much better because the locals could keep it all to themselves. the only hard part was knowing that saying ‘yes’ to some invites meant saying ‘no’ to others…you couldn’t possibly be everywhere at the same time, see everyone at the same place, but you knew they were close by… 

some of us danced on top of the booths at waterman’s and closed down critters. some of us had a lazy picnic on the beach with mimosas. some of us tended to our gardens and had a good ol’ car wash. some of us spent the day in the mountains trail running. some of us enjoyed long alfresco meals with friends. some of us played beach volleyball some of us had a corn hole match at three in the morning. some of us surfed, paddle boarded, and kayaked. 

thanks for the weekend, california. you are beautiful. 

“just start a jar”

i have this ongoing joke with my sister…every time i express to her that i want something (be it a hoodie, a stool, or a trip around the world) she replies matter-of-factly, “just start a jar”. if i followed her advice, my home would be a serious earthquake hazard. 

during these last few months—alright, if i’m being completely honest, the last year—i haven’t been able to save as much as i want to. i have the freedom, but not the freedom to go. or spend. or say “hey, lemme get that,” as the waiter arrives with our bill.

so as stupid as it sounds, having this little ‘for a rainy day’ jar helps to fill that anxiety i feel about money. i rejoice in paying with cash so that i can save a little change for later.

even though it takes weeks, once i fill this GIANT jar up and finally cash in, it will feel like i’ve just been gifted a spontaneous sum of money. maybe it will go towards that can of paint so that i can transform my living room. or perhaps a fancy lamb chop dinner. or fresh flowers for days…

{ the adorable jar pictured above is available at the newly-opened gumtree kids on pier avenue in hermosa beach }


as a freelance writer, i technically am the boss of me, but that doesn’t mean i always act like i’m the one in charge. between more carefree and driven days are ones plagued with doubt, seclusion, timidness, and discouragement. sometimes you just need to be reminded that no one but you has control over your career, state of being, and happiness.  

i needed that reminder, which is why, when i stumbled upon this wallpaper, i quickly hit download. now, every time i open up my laptop, i see these three words and am immediately pumped up. the effect is probably equivalent to listening to one drake song.

and guess what, easter candy has already hit the shelves. seriously!? i ask: have you accomplished all you set out to accomplish in the first 50 days of 2014? let’s stay motivated. hungry. take chances. stop being afraid of the word “no”. and commit ourselves to becoming a little bit better every day. 

whatever you do to pump yourself up, keep at it. 

{ p.s. design-milk has a monthly ‘designer desktop’ series…here is their round-up from 2013 } 

happy valentines day!

a special valentine that i hid inside a carton of sparkling water…there’s enough chocolate candy in there to cause a few cavities

made these individual valentines complete with champagne gummy bears, mini notepad, polka-dot nail filer, and stiletto paper clips. yes, definitely on the girly side. 

happy valentine’s day!